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"The IIL Network is the bomb. Its has help me in a lot of way. Its help my mix cds in a big way. NO MORE LOOKING FOR SONGS ON LIME WIRE, CUZ I GET NEW HEAT EVERY WEEK! Thanks"

- DJ Nelsey

"The ILL Network just happens to "the best tool out there" for obtaining the latest and greatest in R&B, Hip Hop & Jazz etc. The quality is exceptional, numerous remixes including instrumentals & accapellas. The ILL Network is a one stop shop, since joining has been no need to go elsewhere for music. "

- Mark Anthony

"The ILL Network is an important service that every DJ should be a part of. If you plan on being on Top let The ILL Network supply you with a lot of the current hits delivered to your door.  I've been there from the start and am very pleased with the "Great Service". The only Pool you will ever need!"

- Carlos V/ Amaze Production

"I joined The ILL Network family 2 years ago and hands down in the immortal words of Dj Khaled I have to say "We the best." The services is second to none and I have got my music in a timely manner plus I like the fact that it is a west coast based record pool that extends worldwide and last but not lease I like the fact that The ILL Network keeps you updated on the latest events takin place within the industry so if u are thinking about joining I strongly recommend that you do the damn thing."

- Dj Shanx Tha Lone Dagger Read More Testimonials Read More Testimonials

How To Join The ILL Network?

Impact Record Pool has launched MP3 service "The ILL NETWORK" specifically for the "Digital DJ" and music professionals. To receive one FREE MP3 CD as a trial, simply complete our tiral membership form.  Our goal is to deliver the latest in Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap etc WEEKLY!! Los Angeles metro area Impact Record Pool members attend our "Quarterly DJ/Tastemaker Conference" (check the photo gallery). Remember, it all starts with the DJ so your voice matters!


When you sign up, we will send you one month extra music as bonus!

We will send you one free trial CD. You must be a DJ or Other Music Professional (Read Below).

Monthly Fee

Monthly dues: Easy! $90 via check, money order or cashier's check. $95 via credit cards and Paypal. Dues are payable by the 5th of the month.

Cancellation policy

No problem. Just notify us of your intention to cancel your membership 30 days in advance by email.

What's a Record Pool?

Record companies commonly refer to "Record Pools" as a regionalized and centralized method of music promotion. Record Pool DJ's receive promotional music (promos) to play in nightclubs and at events. In exchange record pool's provide feedback on releases.

What's "the ILL Network"?

It's the digital DJ and music professionals answer to the search for new music! Thru the ILL Network's Weekly MP3 disc, digital DJs and music pro's can view and play music with a simple point and click (fast and easy). Endless hours of searching and downloading are a thing of the past!!

Why Impact record pool is #1 record pool?

The difference is "NO DOWNLOADS!" Impact delivers music, NOT "links" to music. Why download one song at a time when you can receive on average 80-100 tracks in MP3 CD format weekly via U.S. mail. Simply load the disc then click which track to play. It's as simple as that.

Why other digital record pools are cheaper??

Because you have to do all the downloading work to get new songs. Let's say their websites update 100 songs every week, that means you have to find the songs you like and download the 100 songs physically. What if you were busy last 2 weeks and had to catch up downloading all the hot songs you missed? We bet your time is more valuable than clicking links hours and hours. With The ILL Network service, you can keep all the CDs/Zip file weekly and enjoy them when you are ready!

Why join Impact Record Pool?

Since 1979 Impact has been promoting the best major and indie label product!
You are also, invited to join our Quarter Edition Impact Record Pool/The ILL Network DJ/Tastemakers only Music Conference in Los Angeles. This is a great place to meet industry people, artists, DJs, promoters and etc!

Who's a member?

Most members are DJ's, along with remixers, producers and A&R rep's close behind. The ILL Network weekly service helps you "STAY ON TOP OF THE NEW MUSIC GAME!"

Mail-Out Schedule

Our mail-out schedule is every Friday or Saturday with USPS First Class Mail and First Class International Service. Normally, Los Angeles metro area members will receive the CD by Monday.

Organized Playlist

Each track is numbered and noted with artist, title & label information. Clean, dirty, instrumental & acappella versions are noted as well. If you've long been in search of "classic" old-school R&B and hip-hop, git with us! We've got it!!

Record Labels and Artists!

If you would like to give a presentation or showcase your artist at a quarterly conference, we're available for details via email: info@impactrecordpool.com or by phone 323-292-2022